Mission Statement

Computer4Vets are here to help all Veteran's and they Family, who can not afford a computer systems.

Since 2014 we have been helping Veterans and their families in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Southern Maine. With today’s technology mostly everything can be done online. Some Veterans can’t get out of their homes, so this service helps them with communication. Our goal is to help veterans maintain  contact to the outside world.

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, helping Veterans and their families who can't afford a computer system. If you know any Veterans in need, please let us know. We cover New Hampshire, Southern Maine and Massachusetts.

Since 2014 we have given over 1,600 systems to Veterans and their families. Please just call and we will put the Veterans on the list for a system. As we get more systems up and going, we will call them back. We will drop off the system to them and set it up also, if needed.

"We in need of laptop's, if you know any business, college, school, towns or anyone. please contact us. We have a large waiting list, thank you Mark Grimshaw.



If your  business or individual like to donate any equipment. All donations are Tax deductible, a letter  will be sent to you with our tax ID number and value of the donations.

We are looking for Desktops/Laptops/Netbooks/Tablets, working or not. We can break them down for parts for other systems. We will format the hard drive completely and reinstall the software onto it. All hard drives with be formatted with a Department of Defense format. This goes down to all levels of the hard drive and all information is cleared(forever). Or you can just remove the hard drive and we will replace it. All accessories, keyboards, mouse's, cables etc.. and any old software that can be reloaded on to these rebuilt systems. We will accept monitors and printers but only if they work. We will come and pick up any donations.

We also do repairs on Laptops and Desktops for Veterans and their famitly, at no cost.

If you have any questions? Please contact us, anytime.

Thank you for your suppport in helping Veterans and their family.

Mark "Grim" Grimshaw, Founder / CTO

Last Update 1/4/2023